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The Rise Of The Female Entrepreneur

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In terms of sheer number, men dominate the world of business. But things are slowly changing, with an increasing number of women establishing their presence and worth in the economy. While there are still plenty of challenges that face women when it comes to starting and growing a business, marketplace trends and increasing support from different sectors have enabled women entrepreneurs to find more success over the past few years. Let’s look into some interesting data and see how the female entrepreneur fares in today’s business landscape.

Women Entrepreneurs Entering The Golden Age

More women have managed to start their business, thanks to a combination of different factors that fall into their favor. First, it’s important to note that women entrepreneurs start businesses with less than half the capital of male entrepreneurs. But thanks to interest rates reaching record lows, it has become easier for women to get the necessary funding for their start-up.

Interestingly, studies show that women are better than men in terms of spotting gaps in the market and finding ways of filling them with solutions, be it a new product or service. This enables women to seize opportunities men tend to miss. By being problem solvers, more and more corporations are putting their trust in women-led businesses knowing that they can provide their needs in a timely fashion, adapt to the constant changes of the marketplace and offer real value to their clients.

How Media Inspires Women To Start Their Business

It’s also interesting to note that contribution of media when it comes to inspiring more women to try their hands in the entrepreneurial world. It’s common to come across blog posts or TV interviews featuring highly successful women. Such stories make a tremendous impact to other women, making them realize that there’s no reason to lag behind men in terms of succeeding in the world of business.

Media also helps in shining light upon the many challenges women face, particularly on the topic of gender discrimination. It’s surprising that to this day, many Venture Capitalist firms still see women as unfit for holding high positions in a corporate environment. Such narrow-minded perspectives are being brushed aside, thanks to a growing support of major brands, nonprofit organizations and ordinary individuals.

However, it also pays to learn that while many women are finding success, there are still countless who struggle to make ends meet. Some experts say that one possible reason why women-owned businesses fail is because they are started out of necessity. Instead of creating a business to pursue an opportunity, necessity entrepreneurs need to supplement their income or establish a primary channel through which they can make a living.

Without question, women have proven that they can start, operate and grow successful companies. The female entrepreneur is more capable than ever of entering the business world, and current marketplace trends show exactly this. In fact, latest research shows that female-founded businesses outperformed male-founded ones. Even big time investors recognize the tremendous value women bring to the table, so it’s reasonable to expect a shift in balance in the near future.

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