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Debunking CMMS Software

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Debunking CMMS Software

Debunking CMMS software is easy if you first understand how organizations operate. Running a manufacturing firm or any business that requires the use of machines faces several daunting tasks. Among such daunting tasks include how best to ensure that their operations run smoothly without unnecessary interferences.

One of the best way the best ways that managers of organizations can do this is by running an efficient maintenance program. With this in place, the operations of the organizations can run without any hiccups whatsoever.

This is CMMS comes in. It is a system that helps organizations run their maintenance operations efficiently. In full, it is known as Computerized Maintenance Management System, hence the acronym CMMS. It can also go by other names including such as Maintenance Management Software, Computerized Maintenance Management System, and many other names.

The Functions Of This Software

In simple terms, it is responsible for guiding the maintenance personnel in an organization as well as the management in matters of handling maintenance. Ideally, the software should keep a track record of the completed maintenance tasks, schedule maintenance as required for various machines, structures and any other equipment as well as record each and every asset that falls in the maintenance department.

Specific Tasks Performed By This CMMS

Tracking Maintenance

Tracking maintenance may seem like an easy endeavor until you have an entire organization that requires maintenance. CMMS help to reduce the workload of maintenance managers as this particular task is automated. It gives the managers a record of all the equipment or structures that require maintenance. The manager can then assign a particular task to specific personnel, who upon finishing the task can indicate that the task is done and completed. All this is done in an automated manner.

Maintenance Scheduling

It is very common for organizations to have equipment that requires maintenance after a specified number of working hours or at a specified interval. CMMS software helps to track the maintenance interval and schedule maintenance when it is required.

Keeping The Records Of The Maintenance Done

CMMS helps to record the work that is done to ensure that proper maintenance of equipment is done. The record can be used as proof that given tasks were performed as required whenever an audit on expenditure or safety is done.

There are additional tasks that can be performed by a custom CMMS. Customization is usually done for the software to suit the operations of individual organizations.

Types Of CMMSs

There are two major types of CMMSs that are widely deployed. The first being the on-site CMMS. This types of software are installed in the computer systems of individual organizations, from which the maintenance management and personnel access it. This option offers enhanced security since companies do not share their information with any other server aside from their own.

The second type of CMMS is the online based software-as-a-service CMMS. The particular software is hosted online, and access to the software is through the internet. This option offers lowers running costs as the organization does not need to have a full-time computer department to run and service the software.

The choice of software depends on the what an organization upholds most; security or running cost.

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