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Why Losing Weight can also Mean Staying Healthy

Everyone nowadays wants to stay in shape, have a good figure and look fit and healthy. The main and obvious reason for such a want is that everyone wants to look good. However, it should be understood, being fit and healthy is not only about looking. Being fit and reducing weight has a lot of other benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below-

  • Reduction of weight can prevent type 2 diabetes, which is a major issue of concern for Obese people. Carrying excessive weight makes it difficult for the cells to respond to insulin as fat acts like a layer, making it hard for sugar to move into cells and cause higher circulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Losing weight reduces the risk of heart attack and keeps the heart healthy. Two of the major risk factors for the heart are, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Studies have indicated that excessive fat in the body can release chemicals into the blood that can cause high blood pressure. Similarly, when a person is overweight excessive amounts of cholesterol is also released in the body which is harmful for the heart.
  • Being overweight can cause sleep apnoea, where breathing becomes obstructed. In such a situation the person sleeping can breathe only when he or she wakes up from sleep.

From the above points it is clear that losing weight can result in many health benefits and it is important to remember that weight should be lost in a healthy manner. Fitness expert Autumn Calabrese has recently introduced some innovative ways to lose weight with the fitness program called 21 day fix. It focuses on eating healthy and reducing weight along with a few exercises on a regular and continuous basis. The 21 day fix includes 2 DVDs in which the trainer guides the users to lose weight within 21 days in a healthy way, which has no side effects. She asks the users to stick to the easy to follow meal guide, which contains videos of the 30 minute workout plan for the users. This is a healthy and enjoyable way to lose weight, which is a rare option in the busy life of the people.

Spend Less Time Working Out and Get Quick Results!

Everyone is busy these days, like one is either busy working for hours in the office, studying for the project, taking care of the household or just going around with buddies. No one has the time to work out for hours at the gym, although the gyms are full of people working out tirelessly. Has anyone ever thought about the reason behind this issue? The gyms are filled with people because, they are desperate to get a good body and look fit. No matter how busy people are, they are still willing to spend a lot of time and money at the gym. Despite all the sacrifices that one makes to spend hours at the gym there is no guarantee that you will have a body that you might have dreamt of. One could wonder how fantastic it would have been, had it not been possible to spend hours at the gym and yet have a body that one could flaunt.

Ben Pakulski has made it possible to work out for just 4 minutes and still have a body that others would envy. With the Mi40X program, Ben Pakulski developed a kind of protocol, by following it every day for 4 minutes you could actually have a very fit and good looking body. The focus of this muscle building program is to gain lean muscles with a good physique. According to body builder and expert Pakulski, building lean muscles is all that one needs to do, to have a well toned body. The Mi40X stimulates the cells in the body that leads to the development of the muscles, and it works on the activities of these satellite cells. This program includes video coaching of all the essential work outs that one may be required to do. It also has a well planned diet chart that guides you to eat healthy and essential nutrients required by the body. Not only does it not require you to spend hours lifting weights, but it also shows results in significantly less amount of time. The wait is over, as you can now finish working out quicker than you finish a cup of coffee!